Interview and Selection Process

We conduct a holistic review of every application we receive.

Selection Criteria

Many medical schools use computer cutoffs to whittle down their applicant pool: If your GPA or MCAT score is lower than a certain number, you’re automatically rejected.

That’s not our policy.

In our quest to train well-rounded individuals with the capacity to develop into skilled and compassionate physicians, we review holistically every application we receive.

That means we assess your academic performance and MCAT score in the context of many factors, such as your life experiences and your background, your integrity and your intellectual curiosity, your leadership roles and your community engagement.

Although most of our applicants have majored in science, we encourage students from a variety of academic fields to apply.

Regardless of your major, you must have completed at least half of your prerequisite courses before applying.


We invite approximately 600 candidates to interview and conduct interviews from August through April.

Committee Decisions and Notifications

We will issue our first group of decisions at the end of October and continue to do so on a rolling basis. Applicants will be notified electronically.

If accepted, you must respond within two weeks from the date of your acceptance and submit a $100 acceptance deposit, refundable until May 1.

Deferred admission

Under special circumstances, the Dean of Admissions considers requests for deferred admission. You should fully describe your circumstances in a written petition mailed to the Office of Medical Admissions.