During lectures, basic science material is presented and then applied in selected case management discussions. Faculty members believe that problem solving is central to the practice of anesthesiology.

Throughout each of the three years of training, there are required weekly didactic lectures based primarily on the American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA) content outline. Residents convene at UB’s Farber Hall for the lectures. In addition, each hospital's Department of Anesthesiology sponsors various weekly educational conferences designed to augment the resident’s knowledge.

Faculty members, community practitioners and anesthesiology residents gather for the Visiting Professor lecture series, which hosts six nationally recognized professors per year.

In addition, University Professor Rounds, Core Master Sessions, Journal Club,and Mortality/Morbidity Conferences are held monthly. The Can-Am Anesthesia Conference is held every May at historic Niagara Falls, Canada, and is sponsored by the University at Buffalo, Western Ontario University and McMaster University.

Introductory Seminars 235 Farber Hall (UB South Campus) July-August
PGY 2-4 Seminars 235 Farber Hall (UB South Campus) September-June
Morning Conference 252 Farber Hall (UB South Campus) Thursdays
Journal Club TBA 4-6 times per year
Visiting Professor Series TBA 4-6 times per year
Morbidity/Mortality Conference 252 Farber Hall (UB South Conference); incorporated into Morning Conference Thursdays
Problem-Based Learning/QI 235 Farber Hall (UB South Campus); incorporated into PGY 2-4 seminars September-June
Mock Orals Buffalo Club Twice annually (PGY 2 and 3 years)
In-Training Examination Computer Lab (UB South Campus) TBA
Regional Workshop UB South Campus TBA
Can-Am Conference Niagara Falls, Ontario TBA
Simulation Training Behling Simulation Center (UB South Campus) Thursdays