Recent Research Funding

We receive funding from a variety of sources that recognize the value of our high-impact research.

Richard Browne, PhD

  • Upstate KIDS follow up study. Richard Browne (Principal Investigator). NICHD. $161,354. 8/1/2016-1/1/2019.
  • Metabolomics Profiling of Biological Responses to Changes in Air Pollution Levels. Richard Browne (Co-Investigator). NIEHS. $275,000. 7/1/2016-7/1/2018.
  • Methylglyoxal Could Mediate The Relationship Between Infections And Diabetes: A Method Development and Feasibility Study. Richard Browne (Co-Investigator). UB VPR IMPACT Grant. $35,000. 5/1/2016-5/1/2017.
  • Cardiovascular Protection by Phytosterols in Dyslipidemic Mother and Progeny. Richard Browne (Co-Investigator). NIH/NCCI-ODS. $100,000. 9/1/2015-9/1/2016.
  • Contract Renewal: Clinical Pharmacology Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Richard Browne (Co-Investigator), Gene Morse (Principal Investigator). NIH/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease. $12,754,564. 3/1/2015-2/1/2022.
  • Study of Metals and Assistive Reproductive Technologies. Richard Browne (Principal Investigator). NIEHS. $73,743. 2/1/2015-1/1/2017.
  • Lipoprotein and Lipid Metabolism in Multiple Sclerosis Disease Progression. Richard Browne (Co-Investigator), Murali Ramanathan (Principal Investigator). National Multiple Sclerosis Society. $704,784. 10/1/2012-10/1/2015.

Stephen Koury, BS MT (ASCP), MS, PhD

  • Western New York in Genetics and Health Care Partnership. Stephen Koury (Co-Principal Investigator). National Institutes of Health. $1,268,962. 6/1/2014-5/1/2019.
  • WNY Genetics in Research Partnership: Expanding Exposure, Career Exploration and Interactive Projects in Basic Genome Analysis and Bioinformatics. Stephen Koury (Co-Principal Investigator). National Science Foundation. $1,136,572. 5/1/2013-7/1/2016.

Patricia Masso-Welch, PhD

  • Invasive breast cancer with and without DCIS: Race, risk factors and outcomes. Patricia Masso-Welch (Co-Principal Investigator). NIH. $165,312. 4/1/2013-3/1/2015.