Christine Schaner Tooley, PhD and and Haley Parker.

Haley Victoria Parker, a trainee in our doctoral program, right, hopes to embark on an industry career in drug design following graduation. She is pictured with her mentor, Christine E. Schaner Tooley, PhD.

Our department offers bachelor’s, master’s and PhD degrees in biochemistry. Graduates are well prepared to compete for admission to medical, dental or graduate school, or to work in academia, industry, medicine or government.

  • PhD Program
    As a PhD candidate, you will research in our highly collaborative environment, present your findings on multiple occasions and acquire the skills of a well-rounded, independent research scientist.
  • Master’s Degree Program
    Our course-and-research-based program include laboratory rotations to provide you opportunities to collaborate and hands-on experience in lab techniques.
  • Undergraduate Program
    The mission of the Biochemistry BS program is to provide undergraduate students with exceptional preparation for advanced study in medical, dental or graduate school, or for occupations in academic, industrial, medical or governmental settings.
  • Scholarships and Fellowships
    Our faculty actively support doctoral candidates who are interested in pursuing fellowship opportunities.
  • Graduate Student Activities
    The Biochemistry graduate students meet on a formal and informal basis and organize department-wide events, including the annual Biochemistry Research Day.

    Our graduate students offer a supportive environment where you can:
  • How to Apply
    Our department offers bachelor’s, master’s and PhD degrees in biochemistry. Learn about our admissions criteria and how to apply at the undergraduate, graduate or doctoral level.