Undergraduate Program

Biochemistry class of 2024.

Biochemistry class of 2024


The mission of the Biochemistry BS program is to provide undergraduate students with exceptional preparation for advanced study in medical, dental or graduate school, or for occupations in academic, industrial, medical or governmental settings.


The goal of the Biochemistry BS program is to utilize didactic lecture, small group seminars and laboratory experiential learning to promote the scientific development of undergraduate students with regard to (i) a foundational understanding of the chemical/molecular basis of biological processes and (ii) the skill set necessary to generate, interpret and critically evaluate biochemical and molecular biological information.

Program Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcome 1:  Students will develop an understanding of the three main branches of biochemistry that include macromolecular structure and function, metabolism, and the replication and expression of genetic information.

Learning Outcome 2: Students will gain experience and proficiency in reading, analyzing, writing summaries/critiques and discussing research articles from the scientific literature.

Learning Outcome 3: Students will acquire an understanding of numerous laboratory techniques utilized in modern life science research.

Learning Outcome 4: Students will develop an ability to critically evaluate experimental data through the use of the scientific literature, scientific presentations, online resources and laboratory research.

Learning Outcome 5: Students will develop and implement conceptual and technical skills necessary to formulate and test specific hypotheses. 

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Director of Undergraduate Studies

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Alfred Ponticelli, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Education

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