Research and Facilities

Research in our department shares the common theme of understanding how living cells work at the molecular level.

While each faculty member and his or her students study a specific component or process within cells, the objective of all our research is to determine how that specific component or process works, and how it is integrated with other cellular components.

  • 9/8/20
    Many of our faculty have track records of accomplishments that have won them worldwide recognition as highly respected investigators and valued collaborators.
  • 9/8/20
    Our faculty participate in vibrant focus groups that draw on expertise from the larger community of scientists at UB and at affiliated research institutions in Buffalo.
  • 4/13/21
    View a listing of our faculty's most recent publications.
  • 4/14/21
    Our faculty secure major research grants from various National Institutes of Health as well as private sources.
  • 3/9/21
    Our extramurally funded research projects investigate protein structure and function, membrane structure and transport, regulation of gene expression, DNA repair, metabolic regulation, and cellular development and differentiation.
  • 9/8/20
    Collaborative, multidisciplinary research is strongly encouraged and takes place in a broad spectrum of well-established centers across the university where students can interact with faculty without departmental boundaries.
  • 9/8/20
    Our school’s core facilities support the design and execution of experiments that report on changes in whole genome expression patterns, cellular proteomes and intracellular localization.
  • 11/2/20
    This departmental resource provides laboratory supplies to faculty on the UB campuses and in our teaching hospitals.