Research and Focus Groups

Our faculty participate in vibrant focus groups that draw on expertise from the larger community of scientists at UB and at affiliated research institutions in Buffalo.

Community of Scientists

Our faculty have formed intradepartmental and multidisciplinary focus groups to collaborate with other scientists who share their interest in specific experimental problems.

Dr. Gabriela Popescu and students in her lab.

Dr. Gabriela Popescu and students in her lab.

Student Collaborators

We have designed our curriculum based on the belief that we expect our graduates to be the sum of our collective expertise and to emerge better trained than any one of us. Students are therefore encouraged to be active members of our focus groups. This involvement provides them with regular contact with faculty and other students throughout Buffalo’s larger scientific community. The groups also sponsor seminars and organize workshops and symposia open to all researchers and student collaborators.

Intradepartmental Focus Groups

  • Molecular Genetics, Genome Integrity, and Gene Expression
    Professors Buck, Gronostajski, Halfon, Kosman, Nowak, O’Brian, Ponticelli, Garrett-Sinha, Sinha, Surtees, Sutton
  • Membrane Transport and Signaling
    Professors Blumenthal, Garrick, Popescu, Taub, Willsky
  • Protein Structure and Function
    Professors Blumenthal, Ettinger, Kosman, Patel, Ponticelli, Popescu, Surtees, Sutton
  • Metabolic Disease
    Professors Garrick, Kosman, Patel
  • Developmental Genomics
    Professors Buck, Garrett-Sinha, Gronostajski, Halfon, Lee, Sinha
  • Bioinformatics
    Professors Buck, Halfon, Nowak

Multidisciplinary Focus Groups