Michael Freitas with Kenneth Aguirre.

“UB’s curriculum is preparing me for the scope and complexity of a sports medicine career,” says fellow Kenneth Aguirre, left. “I work with many different attendings, and I learn something new from them every day.”

Our one-year curriculum offers you comprehensive clinical training, thorough board review, mentored research experience and the opportunity to broaden your skills with electives.

Alternating Orthopaedic, Primary Care Weeks

Your schedule alternates weekly between primary care sports medicine and orthopaedics training. Depending on the week, you’ll train in either your sports medicine clinic or your orthopaedic clinic.

In addition, every week you’ll:

Throughout the year, you'll:

You may take electives whenever your schedule permits, or use your free time at your discretion.

Your schedule alternates with that of our other fellow, so you never have to compete for patients.

  • Clinical Training
    Your longitudinal clinical schedule offers you ample hands-on experience with a balance of sports medicine, orthopaedics and primary care training.
  • Didactics
    Our didactics cover a wide spectrum of topics in orthopaedics and sports medicine, preparing you for your board exam.