Orthopaedic Clinic

You’ll work with fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeons to gain competence caring for patients with musculoskeletal injuries.

During your orthopaedic clinic, you’ll:

  • learn the fundamentals of surgical principles, from primary cases to complex problems
  • examine surgical cases
  • interpret diagnostic studies
  • manage preoperative care and postoperative follow-up
  • understand soft tissue biomechanics, injury healing and repair
  • explore surgical and non-surgical treatment options
  • observe arthroscopic procedures

You’ll train in your orthopaedic clinic three days every other week. Each day, you’ll be supervised by a different orthopaedic faculty member, exposing you to different orthopaedic approaches and areas of expertise.

One day per week, you’ll focus on general orthopaedics. The other two days you’ll focus on knee and shoulder injuries.


  • 5-10 patients per session
  • about 500 patient visits total

Patient Population

Harlem Road site:
  • patients with sports/occupational injuries and other conditions
  • 40 percent ages 18 and under
  • 15 percent ages 19-30
  • 30 percent ages 31-50
  • 15 percent 51 and older

Farber Hall site:

  • patients with sports/occupational injuries and other conditions
  • 17 percent 18 and younger
  • 18 percent ages 19-30
  • 36 percent ages 31-50
  • 29 percent 51 and older

Clinical Sites


Three days every other week