Training Room Coverage

Kenneth Aguirre.

“Covering the training room is a great clinical experience,” says Kenneth Aguirre. “You’re busy, you see a lot of interesting cases and you gain confidence in your skills.”

Covering the UB training room, you’ll enjoy unrestricted access to Division I athletes, enabling you to practice independently and confidently as a team physician.

During this unopposed rotation, your responsibilities include:

  • evaluating and treating injuries sustained during play and practice
  • monitoring your patients’ recovery
  • helping make return-to-play decisions for athletes on UB’s 20 intercollegiate teams
  • taking occasional calls for emergent concerns, such as sutures

You’ll work as part of a team that includes 11 certified athletic trainers and a chiropractor.

Our faculty are available to consult with you whenever necessary, but you’ll be the only onsite physician.


  • 5-12 patients per session

Patient Population

  • Division I student-athletes

Clinical Site


Three half-days per week