About the Primary Care Research Institute

The Primary Care Research Institute (PCRI) brings together clinicians, health services researchers and other experts to address the common but complex issues surrounding contemporary health care.

Who We Are

Based in the Department of Family Medicine, our transdisciplinary institute pursues a dynamic agenda of clinical and health services research designed to benefit patients, inform policy and enhance health systems.

Over more than two decades, the PCRI has been recognized as a leader in primary care research whose projects have both local and national impact.

In addition to family medicine and primary care, we have researchers represented in the following disciplines:

  • addiction medicine
  • anthropology
  • educational psychology
  • epidemiology
  • exercise physiology
  • general internal medicine
  • general pediatrics
  • geography
  • geriatrics
  • health information technology
  • management
  • mental health
  • nursing
  • pharmacy
  • public health
  • social work
  • statistics

Our 30-some physician-investigators, quantitative and qualitative methodologists, and research-support specialists frequently collaborate with UB and other institutional faculty, as well as with students and community partners.

Together, we advance a tripartite mission, known as the “Triple Aim”: to improve care, improve health and lower health care costs.

Our Research

We apply evidence-based strategies to diverse problems that affect large patient populations across the lifespan. These range from chronic disease and addiction to health disparities and health care workforce shortages.

Community Partners

Our community partners bring unique strengths to our research projects, working with us to remedy gaps in access to care, ongoing health disparities and other problems that affect people, literally, where they live.