Areas of Research

Our dynamic research portfolio addresses chronic disease, medical practice transformation, patient safety and addiction medicine, among other topics.

  • Clinical Operations
    Our “triple aim” research simultaneously pursues three goals: improving health care and health outcomes while lowering costs.
  • Community Health & Chronic Disease
    We take a patient-centric approach and use our data to help prevent, detect, diagnose, and treat chronic diseases while promoting community health.
  • Medication Safety for Older Adults
    Our research on medication safety blends with advocacy as we partner with members of the community, caregivers, medical practitioners and others to promote deprescribing and the safety of older adults.
  • Special Populations
    Our research seeks to understand the needs of specific underserved populations and ultimately improve the health care they receive.
  • Substance Use Disorder & Behavioral Health
    Our national experts in addiction medicine lead the way in research that informs guidelines on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of substance use disorder. Here at the Primary Care Research Institute (PCRI), we conduct research to promote integration of primary care and behavioral health care, improve patients’ self-management, and reduce avoidable hospitalizations and readmissions. 
  • Workforce Development
    Aligned with the Primary Care Research Institute’s (PCRI) mission of supporting patient and community health, PCRI’s team of researchers actively identify and develop programs that address short- and long-term needs that permeate the healthcare system.