Jeffrey M. Lackner, PsyD

Vice Chair for Research

Jeffrey Lackner.

As vice chair for research, Jeffrey M. Lackner, PsyD, is committed to expanding the department’s portfolio of high quality, innovative research that addresses important clinical problems that have measurable impact on the WNY community.

He strongly believes that research plays a vital role in sustaining the vibrancy of a department of medicine at a major research institution. For its clinically oriented members who will practice in a value-based health care system that puts a premium on evidence-based medicine, research can involve clinical research, quality improvement projects and methodologically strong case reports. 

By engaging in research activities, our physicians and trainees learn the critical thinking skills that improve patient health and outcomes and produce the professional satisfaction that they make a positive difference in their patients’ lives. For more academically oriented faculty, research involves the development, execution and publication of hypothesis-driven projects conducted in laboratory or applied settings. 

His responsibilities include:

  1. To identify, develop and implement strategically important research partnerships from across the university.
  2. Increase cross-disciplinary collaborations and mobilize resources to support research activities that are a key part of the Department of Medicine mission.
  3. Facilitate the growth of trainees and faculty through innovative mentorship programs that bring out the best of our most junior and senior departments members around shared areas of scientific discovery.
  4. Use our research enterprise to strengthen the capacity of the Department of Medicine to attract and retain high quality faculty and trainees who will help us grow nationally recognized programs.