Research and Scholarship

Hiroko Beck, who investigates using imaging techniques to delineate patients with infection who might require extraction of ICDs, shares her research knowledge and techniques with Sharma Kattel.

We offer you protected time to conduct your research, and we encourage you to publish your findings and present them at prestigious national conferences.

Enjoy Comprehensive Options

We invite you to take part in pioneering studies on chronic ischemic heart disease in our interdisciplinary Center for Research in Cardiovascular Medicine.

Here, you’ll use molecular and stem-cell biology techniques as well as imaging to study the disease in a novel pig model of hibernating myocardium. The NIH’s National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute funds our patient-oriented research.

If you’re interested in clinical trials, you have many options, including:

  • conducting a retrospective or prospective imaging study
  • researching cardiac catheterization techniques
  • participating in a multicenter trial on transcatheter aortic valve replacements

You may also participate in a quality improvement project. If you choose this option, you can apply for funding through our school’s Office of Graduate Medical Education.

Collaborate with Experienced Mentors

Faculty in our division welcome fellows into their labs to embark on meaningful studies. Our scientists focus their work in a variety of research areas.

  • Potential Research Project Topics
    Learn about the broad range of research subjects you can explore with the guidance of supportive, knowledgeable faculty.

Present Your Findings, Attend Conferences

Our fellows present their work at some of the most prestigious forums in our field.

These include the national meetings of:

  • the American Heart Association
  • the American College of Cardiology
  • the Society of Cardiac Computed Tomography
  • Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics

To help you polish your presentation skills, you’ll have at least one opportunity to familiarize faculty and your peers with your work during your research conference.

You may also present at:

  • the Department of Medicine’s annual Research Day
  • UB’s Scholarly Exchange Day

Regardless of whether you present, we pay for you to attend one conference per year, allowing you to stay current on the latest scholarship and developments in our field.

Publish Your Work in Peer-Reviewed Journals

We encourage you to publish your work in peer-reviewed journals. During your research rotation, your research mentor will begin guiding you through the process.