Select our fellowship program, and you will:

Train Comprehensively

Our three-year fellowship in cardiovascular disease builds your expertise in every area of the field, helping you develop into a well-rounded practitioner with excellent clinical and research skills.

We follow COCATS guidelines throughout your training, and you’ll gain a wealth of procedural experience during your rotations and electives.

Our didactic curriculum prepares you for your certification exam while fostering the professionalism, inquiry and engagement that serves our graduates throughout their careers.

Discover Success with Dedicated Mentors

From the start, we pair you with a dedicated faculty mentor who advises you on all aspects of your training and career.

During your training, subspecialty experts in our growing division will help build your clinical competence and understanding of core topics. When you’re ready to embark on a research project, your research mentor will guide you through the investigation as well as the process of publishing and presenting.

Twice a year, our faculty evaluate your progress to ensure that you’re on track to your goals.

Stay Focused and Fresh

We incorporate flexibility into your clinical curriculum and balance your workload, allowing you to focus on areas of interest while still receiving thorough, well-rounded training.

To reduce your fatigue and foster your clinical independence, your call schedule is evenly distributed across all three years. You’ll take calls only from home and only during clinical service rotations.

So you don’t have to carve study time out of your free time, you’ll prepare for your certification exam during dedicated conferences.

Develop First-Rate Procedural Skills

The depth of our faculty’s expertise means you’ll learn the most sophisticated tests, procedures and interventions.

Our ranks include subspecialists in:

  • interventional cardiology (including coronary disease, structural heart disease and peripheral vascular disease)
  • electrophysiology
  • echocardiography and nuclear cardiology
  • cardiac MRI and CTA

Our physicians perform a high volume of procedures at our clinical training sites, so you won’t have to edge out your peers to gain experience. This creates a collegial learning environment where the vast majority of our fellows easily exceed procedural requirements.

Live Comfortably