Center for Research in Cardiovascular Medicine

Umesh Sharma and Jessica Sturgess.

“This center is ideal for researchers undertaking novel projects,” says faculty member Umesh Sharma, left, who focuses on the consequences of ischemia-induced myocardial injury. The center’s researchers welcome trainees, like fellow Jessica Sturgess, into their labs.

Working in an unparalleled environment, our center’s investigators conduct a broad array of interdisciplinary research in translational cardiovascular medicine.

We strive to develop novel approaches to improve heart function and to study the efficacy of therapeutic interventions in preclinical models that reproduce human ischemic heart disease and heart failure. Data from these investigations help advance therapies to early-phase clinical trials.

Our preclinical research focuses on:

  • chronic adaptations of the heart to ischemia
  • myocardial infarction
  • heart failure
  • cardiovascular stem cells therapies
  • sudden cardiac death

We use molecular imaging and high-throughput molecular biology to understand molecular pathophysiology.

We conduct clinical investigations to evaluate therapies for patients with heart failure, ischemia and arrhythmia.

Major Funding Sources, Diverse Investigations

Our faculty participate in, and lead, major multicenter trials in addition to initiating single-center, patient-oriented investigations.

We receive funding from:

  • the National Institutes of Health
  • the Veterans Health Administration
  • the American Heart Association
  • medical foundations
  • industry

Ideally Situated for Groundbreaking Research

We’re located in the UB Clinical and Translational Center (CTRC), directly above the Gates Vascular Institute. This proximity allows us to conduct bench-to-bedside research within steps of our division’s primary site for patient care, where we pursue novel surgical therapeutics.

Additionally, the apposition of medical care and research facilities allows our investigators to collaborate across the translational interface.

As the hub for our medical school’s $15 million Clinical and Translational Sciences Award from the National Institutes of Health, the CTRC links our researchers with other scientists in the Buffalo Translational Consortium. We take full advantage of the CTRC’s resources, including the Translational Imaging Center and the Clinical Research Center.



Canty, Jr., John

John Canty, Jr., MD

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Faculty: Cardiovascular medicine

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