Recent Faculty Publications

Our division’s prolific researchers publish their findings in the world’s most influential cardiology and cardiovascular medicine journals.

John Canty, Jr., MD

Thomas Cimato, MD, PhD

Anne Curtis, MD

James Fallavollita, MD

  • Wang, X, Moody, J, Kaps, N, Britt, D, Lavallee, A, Renaud, J, Zelt, J, Wu, K, Beanlands, R, Fallavollita JA, Canty J. (2020) Reproducible Quantification of Regional Sympathetic Denervation with [11C] meta-Hydroxyephedrine PET Imaging. Journal of Nuclear Cardiology (Apr).
  • Biddle C, Fallavollita JA, Homish GG, Giovino GA, Orom H. (2020) Gender differences in symptom misattribution for coronary heart disease symptoms and intentions to seek health care. Women Health (Apr), 60(4): 367-381.
  • Suzuki G, Weil BR, Young, Rebeccah, Fallavollita JA, Canty J. (2019) Nonocclusive Multivessel Intracoronary Infusion of Allogeneic Cardiosphere-derived Cells Early After Reperfusion Prevents Remote Zone Myocyte Loss and Improves Global Left Ventricular Function in Swine with Myocardial Infarction. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol (Aug), 317(2): H345-H356.

Susan Graham, MD

  • Ahmed, M, Yatsynovich, Y, Ramanan, T, Colern, G, Hansen, R, Cimato TR, Graham S, Page BJ, Iyer VS. (2019) Aortic Paravalvular Leak Repair. J Am Coll Cardiol (Jan), 3: 42-45.

Vijay Iyer, MD, PhD

  • Kumamaru, K, Angel, ER, Sommer, KN, Iyer VS, Wilson MF, Agrawal, N, Bhradwaj, A, Kattel, SB, Kondziela, S, Pogorzelski, K, Ramanan, T, Sawant, A, Manion, C, Suplicki, MM, Waheed, S, Fujimoto, S, Sharma U, Ionita CN, Rybicki, F. (2019) Comprehensive analysis of inter- and intra-operator variability in measurement of CT-derived fractional flow reserve based on structural and fluid analysis. Cardiothoracic Imaging (Dec).
  • Kumamaru, Kanako K., Angel, Erin, Sommers, Kelsey, Iyer VS, Wilson MF, Agrawal, Nikhil, Bhardwaj, Aishwarya, Kattel, Sharma, Kondziela, Sandra, Malhotra, Saurabh, Manion, Christopher, Pogorzelski, Katherine, Ramanan, Tharmathai, Sawant, Abhishek, Suplicki, Mary, Waheed, Sameer, Fujimoto, Shinichiro, Sharma U, Rybicki, Frank, Ionita, Ciprian. (2019) Inter- and Intraoperator Variability in Measurement of On-Site CT-derived Fractional Flow Reserve Based on Structural and Fluid Analysis: A Comprehensive Analysis. Radiology: Cardiothoracic Imaging (Aug).
  • Sommer S, Angel E, Iyer VS, Wilson MF, Rybicki FJ, Mitsouras D, Molloj S, Ionita CN, Ionita CN. (2019) Initial Evaluation of three-Dimensionally Printed Patient-Specific Coronary Phantoms for CT-FFR Software VAlidation. J Med Imaging (Apr), 6(2).

Jennifer Lang, MD

Brian Page, MD

Umesh Sharma, MD, PhD