Conferences and Lectures

Philippe E. Jaoude, MD, leads a conference.

Weekly conferences led by faculty like Philippe E. Jaoude, MD, will help you better diagnose and manage the pulmonary diseases you'll see during your rotations.

Our lectures, conferences and journal club contextualize and build on the core of your training. They foster discussion and insight and help you stay informed about current pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine research.

Pulmonary and Critical Care Core Lecture Series

The pulmonary and critical care lectures broadly cover areas crucial to your development as a pulmonary and critical care professional.

Three-year didactic lecture series

Pulmonary Case Conference

Gain experience presenting complex patient cases while receiving exposure to the challenging and unique cases of your peers.

You will present a case of unknown diagnosis, launch a discussion of its differential diagnosis and case management, reveal the diagnosis, offer an evidence-based presentation of the case’s salient points and deliver a review of a recent clinical trial.

Fellows assigned to the consult service are responsible for coordinating the case conference.


Pulmonary Research and Basic Science Conference

This conference introduces you to research opportunities in our division and will teach you to prepare and present a scientific talk while helping you achieve a comprehensive understanding of the scientific process.

As a second- or third-year fellow, you will present your research, receive expert feedback and gain insight about publishing your work.



Clinical Pathologic Conference

Fellows collaborate with pathologists to acquire knowledge about interpreting biopsy specimens at this conference.

You will have the opportunity to present cases involving biopsy findings and learn from local pathologists as they analyze case pathologies. You will also present an evidence-based review of the clinical problem.


Sleep Case Conference

This conference, coordinated by sleep medicine fellows, is run in conjunction with our division's Sleep Medicine Fellowship. It is accompanied by the Sleep Didactic Lecture.


Pulmonary Journal Club

The journal club creates a forum for fellows to undertake critical appraisal of medical literature. It familiarizes you with the latest findings about pulmonary and critical care diagnosis and management.

Faculty will guide you as you select journal articles from respiratory critical care and general medicine journals. You will have two to three opportunities per year to present about the articles’ backgrounds, study designs, results and data interpretations.


Fellows’ Conference

The fellows’ conference provides you with a platform to deliver presentations about topical and controversial subjects.

You will have the chance to collect advice and candid feedback at this conference.