M. Jeffery Mador, MD, guides Ravi Savani, MD, and Mohamed Gashouta, MD, during a rotation.

M. Jeffery Mador, MD (left), provides guidance and insight to fellows Ravi Savani, MD (center), and Mohamed Gashouta, MBBCh, during rotations.

Our comprehensive rotations, held at our diverse teaching sites, will enable you to deliver the highest level of patient care.

Our rotations are an important component of preparing for your certification exam in pulmonary and critical care medicine. By the time you finish all rotations, you should feel capable of proceeding as a fully developed pulmonary and critical care physician.

  • 9/22/17
    See cardiac surgery patients, observe thoracic operative procedures and become acquainted with procedures ranging from intubation to bronchoscopies and thoracentesis.
  • 2/8/19
    In our cancer bronchoscopy rotation, which bolsters your knowledge about the pulmonary complications of cancer, we will train you to work effectively within a cancer institute setting.
  • 2/8/19
    During our consultative rotations, the leader of the consultation team will guide you through every aspect of inpatient and outpatient pulmonary consultation.
  • 9/22/17
    You will develop your competency level in critical care as you manage patients and learn a variety of intensive care procedures.
  • 6/19/14
    Discover how to work effectively within a trauma ICU setting and build solid fundamentals of knowledge in critical care and trauma patient management.
  • 3/2/16
    Systematically investigate a topic of particular interest and develop expertise in specialized areas of pulmonary medicine during our research rotation.