Consultative Rotations

During our consultative rotations, the leader of the consultation team will guide you through every aspect of inpatient and outpatient pulmonary consultation.

Throughout our fellowship you will complete several rotations on this service. Repeating the rotation allows you to receive sufficient exposure to a diverse case mix and provides you with time to fully develop your skills.

Duties and Responsibilities

Our faculty will supervise you as you learn the indications, contraindications and relative benefits for bronchoscopy, thoracentesis, pulmonary function testing, other diagnostic tests and overnight sleep studies. You will also read pulmonary function tests and cardiopulmonary exercise tests and review interpretations with the attending physician.

Another duty includes informing referring physicians about the nature and severity of their patient’s pulmonary condition.

On services where you are part of the consultative team, you are responsible for seeing all new consultations prior to staffing rounds with the attending physician. You will be responsible for performing a complete history along with a physical examination for each patient. You will also be required to review all test results. We will ask you to formulate assessments and plans for patients. Our pulmonary staff physician will support you by seeing each patient, reviewing your plan and giving you feedback.

You will also have the opportunity to oversee the residents and fourth year medical students who are assigned to the consultation service. During daily consultation rounds, you will present cases to the attending physician.

Areas of Focus

Your areas of focus will vary as you rotate through each of our diverse training sites.


You will focus on evaluating inpatient consults at the Buffalo VA Medical Center. You will also see new pulmonary patients in consultation in the ambulatory clinic two or three times per week.

We encourage you to attend at the pulmonary hypertension clinic at Buffalo General Medical Center (BGMC) in addition to focusing on your inpatient consult responsibilities. Working alongside our pulmonary hypertension experts, you can gain experience evaluating and managing pulmonary hypertension patients.

At Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, you will focus on performing consultations and procedures that are supervised by the BGMC attending physician. Here, you will interact with unique patient populations, such as individuals who have undergone bone marrow transplants.


In this rotation you will be particularly focused on conditions including:

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • chronic respiratory failure
  • collagen vascular disease
  • complications of cancer therapy
  • drug induced lung disease
  • gynecologic emergencies
  • interstitial lung disease
  • lung cancer and other neoplastic disorders
  • pleural and mediastinal disease
  • sleep disorders

Clinical Sites


You will see approximately 40 to 50 consults per month.

Length of Rotation

First year

  • 2.5 months at Buffalo General Medical Center
  • 2.5 months at the Buffalo VA Medical Center

Second year

  • 1 month at Buffalo General Medical Center
  • 1 month at the Buffalo VA Medical Center

Third year

  • 1 month at Buffalo General Medical Center
  • 1 month at the Buffalo VA Medical Center