Jennifer Abeles and Korrin Barnett.

“We ensure that the goals and objectives of the medicine-pediatrics residency program continue to match the goals and philosophies of both osteopathic and allopathic medicine,” says Jennifer S. Abeles, DO, left, shown with resident Korinne A. Barnett, MD.

We review our curriculum annually to ensure that it strikes the perfect balance of hands-on training and didactics while helping you develop into a well-rounded physician capable of providing excellent medical care to both adults and children.

Curriculum by Year

  • PGY-1
    During your crucial first year of training, you will concentrate on general internal medicine and pediatric inpatient services.
  • PGY-2 & PGY-3
    In your second and third years of residency, you will begin focusing more on specialty, critical and ambulatory care.
  • PGY-4
    During your final year of residency, you will assume leadership responsibilities while providing highly efficient, attentive care to a variety of patients.
  • Rotations
    During your rotations, you’ll train with expert physicians in a multitude of clinical settings, acquiring the skills you need to confidently practice in any setting.
  • Conferences and Rounds
    Our didactic curriculum enhances your training with specialized coverage of key areas while helping you stay abreast of new research.