During your crucial first year of training, you will concentrate on general internal medicine and pediatric inpatient services.


You will spend six consecutive months in internal medicine, followed by six consecutive months in pediatrics, or vice versa.

This format allows you the appropriate amount of time to understand systems, expectations and policies in each core program, allowing more time to focus on clinical knowledge, skills and experiences.

As a first-year resident, you are the principal provider of continuity of care to your patients. You will begin to build your patient caseload and are expected to see 54 pediatric and 54 adults cases over the year.

Our teaching strongly emphasizes preventive medicine, which includes initial and periodic health assessments, pre-employment and preparticipation physicals and preoperative clearances.

Clinical Program

Medicine Rotations

Name  Length 
Hospital-Inpatient Medicine 3 modules
Medical Intensive Care Unit 1 module
Cardiac Care Unit 1 module
Ambulatory Block 1 module

Pediatric Rotations

Didactic Curriculum

You will attend monthly med-peds conferences, as well as any conferences required of internal medicine and/or pediatrics residents depending on which rotation you are on. These will include didactic sessions on core medical knowledge topics, case-based discussions, journal clubs and grand rounds.

Teaching Duties

You will gain experience teaching medical students while on the inpatient ward rotations in both internal medicine and pediatrics.