Med-Peds Core Curriculum Lecture Series

Our four-year rotating conference schedule of combined medicine-pediatrics topics is designed so that no matter when you join our program, you’ll receive all the topics during your residency.

Interactive and Simulation Sessions Included

In addition to attending morning reports, journal clubs and lectures in both the internal medicine and pediatrics program during your rotations, our med-peds program has developed a four-year rotating core curriculum lecture series.

Med-Peds Conference is held one afternoon per month where lectures in topics in internal medicine, pediatrics and medicine-pediatrics are presented by both faculty and residents.

There is also an interactive session where special topics such as phone triage, end-of-life palliative care, WIC, breastfeeding and pediatric medicine taste-testing are covered by our chief resident or guest speakers.

The program has also developed a simulation curriculum, with 1-2 conferences per year taking place at the Behling Human Simulation Center. The main focus is immersive simulation, placing you in simulated clinical settings. The simulations will stress certain core topics like communication and patient safety. Procedures can also be included in simulation such as central venous line placement and lumbar puncture. 

Board Review Conference Series

We also conduct our own board review sessions on both internal medicine and pediatrics topics. They are held monthly before Core Curriculum Lecture Series topics and are presented by faculty. 

Presentation Schedule and Topics

Schedule Residents Faculty — Adult Faculty — Pediatrics

Conference Schedule for 2020 - 2021

July 2

  • Orientation

August 6

  • Immunodeficiency - Dr. Schmit
  • Hyperadrenalism - Dr. Zambron
  • Sore Throat - Dr. McIntosh
  • Guideline Update - Dr. Gosine
  • Interactive

September 3

  • Hyperlipidemia - Dr. Shah
  • Research Update - PGY-4 Residents
  • Simulation

October 1

  • COPD - Dr. Bohince
  • Hair Loss - Dr. Blymire
  • Approach to Outpatient Metabolic d/o - Dr. Aswani
  • Guideline Update - Dr. Zambron
  • Interactive

October 29

  • Jaundice - Dr. Malik
  • SLE - Dr. Ackah
  • Guideline Update - Dr. Conway-Habes
  • Interactive

December 3

  • Vasculitis - Dr. Pokorny
  • Sleep Disorders & Sleep Apnea - Dr. Zambron
  • Back Pain - Dr. Abeles
  • Research Update - Faculty
  • Interactive

January 21

  • Gastritis, GERD & PUD - Dr. Kataria
  • Proteinuria - Dr. Gosine
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Dr. Conway-Habes
  • Guideline Update - Dr. Aronica
  • Interactive

February 18

  • Coagulation Disorders - Dr. Matthews
  • Reemerging Infectious Diseases - Dr. Aswani
  • Painful Red Eye (not conjunctivitis) - Dr. Padgett
  • Guideline Update - Dr. McIntosh
  • Interactive

March 18

  • Pediatric Well Care - Dr. Hargest
  • Research Update - PGY-3 Residents
  • Simulation

April 15

  • CAD for Primary Care - Dr. Murray
  • Pediatric Cough - Dr. Gosine
  • Cardiac Valvular Disorders - Dr. Conway-Habes
  • Guideline Update - Dr. Padgett
  • Interactive

May 13

  • Seizure Disorder - Dr. Joshi
  • Visual Disturbances - Dr. McIntosh
  • Human/Animal/Insect Bites - Dr. Padgett
  • Research Updates - PGY-2 Residents
  • Interactive

June 10

  • Congenital Heart Disease - Dr. Tarakmi
  • Motor Delay - Dr. Aronica
  • Breast Mass - Dr. Abeles
  • Guideline Update - Dr. Aswani
  • QI Presentations


The conferences are monthly, on the second Thursday of each education module. They are held in the afternoon for three hours with lunch provided.


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