Master’s Program

Curriculum and Requirements

Our 30-credit Master of Science degree program in microbiology and immunology prepares you to enter scientific careers in both the public and private sectors. Your degree can also help you gain entry to doctoral programs as well as medical and dental programs.

Coursework Track

Forty percent of our coursework is elective, allowing you to customize your experience in our program. Your elective choices will allow you to study topics that interest you and study and learn from the current literature in these fields. 

If you choose to only take courses and not perform research, you will be required to successfully pass a comprehensive examination to fulfill the master's degree requirements. 

Project and Thesis Track Programs

If you develop an interest in going beyond coursework and want to perform research, you will participate in our Introduction to MS Research (MIC 596) course.

  • The project track requires your faculty mentor's approval and is completed within the 30 credits required for the MS degree.
  • The thesis track requires a total of 36 credits and final approval of your faculty mentor and a dissertation committee composed of two additional faculty members.

Regardless of the track you take, students will present their research findings at our Annual Master's Student Research Symposium.


Our goal is to prepare students for any career path they may choose. We accomplish this by offering required courses in all four major research areas in the field as well as elective courses offered by our department and others throughout the university. 

1st Semester

2nd Semester

3rd Semester

4th Semester

Elective Courses Include:

You may choose to pursue independent research in a faculty laboratory. We offer valuable experience with top-notch microbiology and immunology researchers.