Pediatric Continuity Clinic

You will develop long-term relationships with diverse patients under age 18 in an outpatient care setting — where most neurological conditions are evaluated — through our highly personalized training in general child neurology clinics.

Throughout your three-year program, you will take primary responsibility for caring for your own panel of patients, gaining experience as an integral part of an outpatient care team.

You will participate in this general, longitudinal clinic experience one-half day (4-6 hours) per week in your PGY-3 year, increasing to two half-days per week during your PGY-4 and PGY-5 years.

You will be assigned to a clinic at a nationally recognized pediatric care hospital in Buffalo or a suburban practice.

Follow Your Own Panel of Patients

Guided and supervised by our expert child neurologists, you will begin to make major medical decisions as you care for patients over time.

You will be assigned new patients who have not yet been screened for probable neurological conditions. You also will see patients referred from in-patient settings and will continue to see your hospital patients for follow-up neurological care.

As the first physician to see incoming patients, you will independently evaluate them and plan their care.

You will take a history, perform a physical and formulate a diagnosis (including a differential diagnosis) and treatment plan. You will then discuss your impressions and findings with the attending child neurologist, who will review each case with you.

1:1 Physician-Resident Ratio

On average, each clinic involves two residents and two attending physicians, giving you individual attention in a personalized training setting.

Patient Population

You will encounter ambulatory patients under age 18 with a broad array of common neurological conditions, such as:

  • headache
  • seizures
  • autism
  • developmental delay
  • neurofibromatosis
At the city clinic site, you will see mainly urban and rural indigent patients; at the suburban clinic, your patients will come from upper- and middle-class families.


You will participate in at least 90 continuity clinics annually.

Each clinic half-day, you will see an average of two new patients and five follow-up patients. As you progress through your residency, your caseload gradually increases to the high end of this range.

Throughout your residency, you will deliver long-term care for approximately 400 patients.

Years Taken

Clinical Sites