HIV Clinic

During this first-year rotation, you will provide obstetric and gynecologic care to HIV-positive women at the HIV/AIDS & Immunodeficiency Clinic at Erie County Medical Center.

You will work with an attending gynecologist managing women’s health issues. You will gain experience working with a multispecialty group providing coordinated care to a specific patient population.

Working as part of a team, you will interact with gynecologists, infectious disease specialists and social workers. You will gain experience managing issues related to HIV-positive women, including cervical and anal dysplasia, pregnancy and family planning.  

You will be assigned at various times throughout the year to work with this multispecialty group during half-day sessions.

Procedures Learned

You will learn to perform:

  • anal pap smear
  • colposcopy

Conditions Seen

  • HIV
  • hepatitis
  • cervical and anal dysplasia
  • pregnancy
  • substance abuse
  • other sexually transmitted diseases


4-5 patients per session

Clinical Site

Year Taken

Completed in conjunction with other rotations.

Patient Population

  • predominantly inner-city women with HIV