Hip Arthroscopy

Gain knowledge of adult hip arthroscopy, biomechanics and pathology while learning about the most up-to-date treatment and management options.

Not all sports medicine fellowships offer their trainees options to develop expertise in hip arthroscopy. In our program, you’ll have the opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge of hip reconstructive surgery principles and practice.

Our hip arthroscopy rotation will equip you with skills to:

  • provide detailed differential diagnoses of clinical disorders of the bones, joints and soft tissues
  • obtain pertinent clinical information from patients
  • utilize clinical, technical and basic-science knowledge — as well as analytical syntheses — to address clinical issues

You can expect to see approximately 25 patients during our adult hip arthroscopy rotation.

We’re flexible about the time you dedicate to the rotation. If your goal is to spend extra time building knowledge of hip arthroscopy, our program empowers you to undertake additional rotation weeks.

Increase Your Competence in Surgical and Technical Procedures

Our training will develop your familiarity with:

  • preoperative, perioperative and postoperative care
  • operative skills including soft-tissue procedures, osteotomy, bone grafting, excision arthroplasty and prosthetic arthroplasty
  • developing treatment plans to manage patients with traumatic, congenital and developmental, infectious, metabolic, degenerative and rheumatologic disorders

We’ll also train you to recognize and manage treatment complications.

Length of Rotation

Twice weekly for two months.

Patient Population

The adult patients you treat may have conditions including:

  • articular cartilage injuries
  • labral tears
  • hip impingement
  • tendon and ligament injuries
  • inflamed or damaged synovium
  • hip instability

Training Site