MD-PhD Program

George Techiryan, MD PhD student.

MD-PhD student George Techiryan enjoys collaborating with researchers from other disciplines while he pursues his dual degrees.

Carry out your PhD research in a department as committed to interdisciplinarity and collaboration as you work toward your MD-PhD.

Pharmacology and toxicology offer outstanding opportunities for students pursuing the MD-PhD and seeking careers in translational research science. Our research methodologies survey the spectrum from advanced molecular studies through working directly with patients.

We pursue highly interdisciplinary projects with students, faculty and resources housed within our own department and also collaborate widely with researchers in biochemistry, neuroscience, oncology and more.

Our distinguished faculty will mentor you in the concepts, techniques and communication skills necessary for successful collaborations. Our state-of-the-art synthetic and computational labs permit you to pursue bench-to-bedside translational research within our department or work across disciplinary lines with confidence. We can give you the experience you need to set you well on your career path.