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Thomas Bassett, undergraduate student.

Student Thomas Bassett appreciates that our program offers discipline-specific experience at the undergraduate level.

Majoring in pharmacology and toxicology grounds you in biomedical concepts and research skills that pave the way for successful graduate study or careers in industry.

What Is Pharmacology?

Pharmacology is often confused with pharmacy, but they are separate professions. Pharmacology is a research-oriented biomedical scientific discipline, where pharmacy is concerned with the preparation, dispensing and use of medications in health care.

Pharmacologists study how chemical agents affect our bodies. We study the action of natural substances such as hormones and neurotransmitters as well as drugs and toxic agents in the environment. Our discipline interacts with many other fields—physiology, biochemistry, immunology, psychology, microbiology, chemistry and medicine, to name only a few.

Our department has particular strengths in neuropharmacology, drug discovery and translational research—research that seeks to rapidly translate laboratory discoveries into treatments.

Our faculty strive to understand and regulate circadian rhythms, ameliorate the effects of drug addiction and treat the effects of environmental pollutants, among other areas of research.

Research-Oriented Curriculum

During your studies, you can work with our highly accomplished faculty at every stage of experimental, hands-on research: studying biological processes, modeling novel compounds, synthesizing these compounds and testing their effects.

You will:

  • gain insight into every stage of the research process
  • build expertise in hands-on and analytical techniques
  • develop interdisciplinary collaborative skills and strategies
  • contribute to ongoing research into current health issues

We cultivate a positive, supportive academic environment that enables you to thrive. We fully fund student travel to major pharmacology conferences and help you develop relationships with researchers early in your career.

Flexible Career Opportunities

A BS in pharmacology and toxicology prepares you to research at the PhD level, further your studies in MD and dental programs or pursue a career in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies or medical patent law.

Our undergraduates are very competitive applicants to PhD programs in pharmacology, coming in with discipline-specific experience many students only get once they begin graduate work.

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