Education and Training

Training is a primary goal for our division; our distinguished faculty oversees comprehensive forensic training for psychiatry residents, medical students, fellows and psychology externs and interns.


Forensic training for psychiatry residents consists of a one-month core rotation.

As a resident embarking on our forensic psychiatry rotation, you can expect to work in adult and juvenile correctional facilities.

With the support and supervision of our faculty, you’ll gain experience conducting evaluations and making recommendations to members of the legal system within local town courts, Erie County Court and Erie County Supreme Court. 

Our rotation enables you to complete at least two full evaluations of an individual’s competency to stand trial. You also will have opportunities to observe our faculty members testifying in court. 

Our faculty will familiarize you with landmark cases that have established current standards for important issues such as criminal responsibility and fitness to stand trial. Additionally, we'll help you become well-versed in the differences between clinical and legal writing.


Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship

Our forensic psychiatry fellowship enables you to train with supportive, knowledgeable faculty who have in-depth experience working in the interface between mental health care and the legal system.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellows

As a trainee in the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship, you will undertake a rotation that gives you systematic, concentrated experience in the legal system.

You’ll observe court-ordered mental health evaluations, and our faculty will guide you as you complete one full evaluation.

Psychology Students

Practicum for psychology graduate students

Our training for doctoral- and master’s-level psychology students consists of a one-year practicum in either forensic psychological assessment or clinical forensic psychiatry.

Students work under our faculty’s supervision in local forensic settings, including:

  • Erie County Holding Center
  • Erie County Correctional Facility
  • Erie County Youth Services (Detention) Center
  • Erie County Medical Center

Students receive training in forensic psychological evaluations and assessment, and have opportunities to provide ongoing clinical treatment and other mental health services.

Psychology undergraduate internships

A limited number of internships for undergraduate students are available. As an undergraduate intern, you'll receive an introduction to forensic mental health services through placement in forensic settings, where you’ll work under our faculty’s supervision.

Requesting additional information

For more information about the psychology training programs, contact:

Director, Forensic Psychiatry

Antonius, Daniel

Daniel Antonius, PhD

Director, Division of Forensic Psychiatry; Director, Division of Psychology

Erie County Medical Center 462 Grider Street Buffalo, NY 14215

Phone: (716) 898-5290