Research and Facilities

Our department sustains a vibrant research community with connections to resources throughout the university, the region and internationally.


  • Areas of Research
    Our faculty conduct NIH-funded research from the molecular level up to behavioral intervention studies on topics as diverse as psychosomatics, domestic violence and medical ontology.
  • Recent Faculty Publications
    Our faculty publish actively on diverse subjects: psychosomatic issues, pain management, patient reporting and compliance behaviors, whole community and family roles in psychiatric conditions and treatment, teaching strategies and much more.
  • UB 2020 Collaborative Research
    The UB 2020 strategic plan provides a framework for combining existing faculty strengths with investment in world-class new hires and resources to give the university a preeminent leadership role among its peers.
  • Research Opportunities for Students, Residents and Fellows
    Research skills form a key component of a successful, responsive clinical practice, as well as founding your academic career.
  • Clinical Trials
    Collaborating with colleagues throughout the university, our faculty have researched brain imaging, health services interventions and epidemiological risk factors and have conducted experimental investigations and longitudinal cohort studies. Faculty in our department have also conducted Phase II, III and IV Food and Drug Administration studies.

Facilities and Centers

  • Departmental Facilities and Clinics
    Specialized clinics and laboratories support our faculty’s active research programs and provide training opportunities for students, residents and fellows.
  • Core Facilities
    Our school’s shared core instrumentation and transgenic animal facilities support research by UB faculty and investigators at our affiliated institutions. These facilities not only house state-of-the-art equipment but in many cases also provide data analysis, training and grant writing consultation.
  • Research Centers
    Our department has strong relationships with several research centers in the Buffalo area.