Clinical Trials Center

At this research clinic, our faculty conduct clinical trials and studies in cutting-edge treatments and therapies.

Close-up shot of laboratory equipment.

The clinic enrolls inpatients and outpatients with a variety of psychiatric disorders in clinical studies.

The center houses equipment on-site, including centrifuges, EKG machines and freezers, and has a dedicated conference room as well as offices. Staff include two study coordinators, two research nurses, several faculty psychiatrists and a number of research assistants. The clinic also provides opportunities for select residents and students to assist in research and learn.


Dubovsky, Steven

Steven Dubovsky, MD

Professor and Chair; Department of Psychiatry, University at Buffalo and Adjoint Professor of Psychiatry and Medicine, University of Colorado School of Medicine

University at Buffalo - Psychiatry Erie County Medical Center 462 Grider St. Room 1168 Buffalo, NY 14215

Phone: 716-898-5940; Fax: 716-898-4538