How to Apply

Our fellowship boasts a low fellow-to-faculty ratio. We accept one fellow per year.


October 1, 2015

Application Process

To apply, complete our application form and gather the materials it requires:

  • dean’s letter (accompanied by official transcript with seal)
  • three professional references (including, if possible, chief(s) of service)
  • letter from head of clinical service on which you recently served
  • personal statement

Additionally, we require:

  • two writing samples
  • your CV
  • two letters of recommendation

One letter of recommendation should come from your residency director. A faculty member — preferably someone who can comment on your forensic interests — should provide the second letter.

Send the completed application and materials — via email, fax or postal mail —  to:

Training Program Administrator

Sandra Gilliam

Training Program Administrator

Office of Graduate Medical Education

Erie County Medical Center, DK Miller Building, 462 Grider St., Buffalo NY 14215

Phone: (716) 961-6955; Fax: (716) 961-6960



You must possess your own New York State license by the time you enter our program.


If we invite you for an interview, you will meet with our program director and faculty members. You’ll have an opportunity to visit our Erie County Medical Center training site.

Acceptance Process

In accordance with the Association of Directors of Forensic Psychiatry Fellowships, we will not require you to accept an offer of a position before October 31. 

As a candidate for our program, you may visit other programs and consider other offers until October 31, after which we’ll request that you make a decision about the offers you’ve received. This does not preclude us from offering a position at any time, nor does it preclude you from accepting an offer at any time.

If you know you are interested in our program, we encourage you to notify our program director of your interest and willingness to accept our offer. 

If you accept an offer elsewhere, please notify us within three days of accepting the other offer.