Transitions Unit, Erie County Medical Center

Learn to manage violent patients in a specialized behavioral management unit within a general hospital setting.

During our Transitions Unit rotation, you’ll gain experience participating in treatment planning for patients who have past histories of violence in hospital settings and require a more intensive unit for behavioral management.

We’ll familiarize you with methods of evaluation and treatment to reduce the threat of patients’ violence in the inpatient setting and upon release to the community. 

Our training will also help you:

  • develop expertise — with the assistance of forensic psychologists — in preparing risk assessments and interpreting and incorporating psychological testing to challenging cases
  • understand the various admission statuses and their implications
  • learn and use New York law regarding inpatient and outpatient civil commitment

We will expect you to advocate for quality patient care and assist patients in dealing with the legal system.

You may have opportunities to supervise and teach residents about conducting dangerousness evaluations.

Continue to Hone Your Patient Care Skills

In our Transitions Unit rotation, you’ll work with patients who have been transferred to a hospital from jail or the community after being found incompetent to stand trial.

These patients have had their misdemeanor charges dismissed and require an evaluation to determine whether they are dangerous and require civil commitment.

You can expect to sharpen your patient care skills during our Transitions Unit rotation. You’ll make informed diagnostic and treatment decisions based on information provided by the patient, current scientific evidence and clinical judgment. 

You may have opportunities to develop plans and provide testimony for the New York State Assisted Outpatient Treatment Program.

Length of Rotation

One or two half days per week for eight weeks


Four to five patients

Training Sites

Erie County Medical Center

462 Grider Street, Buffalo, NY 14215

The 10-bed behavioral management unit is located at Erie County Medical Center.

Faculty and Staff

You’ll work with:

  • faculty member with specialized knowledge in forensic psychiatry and child and adolescent psychiatry