East Ferry Juvenile Detention Center

Develop expertise evaluating and diagnosing incarcerated juveniles, and participate in treatment planning.

Working at the East Ferry Juvenile Detention Center will help you build confidence navigating the family court process and working with incarcerated juveniles.

You’ll conduct forensic evaluations to:

  • determine competency to stand trial
  • assess treatment needs and provide recommendations
  • address other inquiries from judges in the Erie County Family Court

Our rotation will help you better understand how juvenile defendants’ progression through the system may affect their mental health and risk factors for self-injury or suicide.

Conduct Evaluations and Present Cases

You can expect to conduct approximately two to three forensic and treatment evaluations per week during our East Ferry Juvenile Detention Center rotation.

You’ll present cases to our site supervisor, who will discuss them with you and guide you on any complexities you encounter.

We’ll ask you to make informed diagnostic and treatment decisions based on:

  • information provided by the patient or evaluee
  • legal information
  • current scientific evidence
  • clinical judgment

You’ll learn to understand and work within the limitations of institutional formularies and privileges while providing care consistent with community standards.

Build a Skill Set for Work with Youths

During this rotation, we’ll familiarize you with the unique needs of incarcerated juveniles.  

Our training enables you to sharpen your interviewing and diagnostic skills as you perform time-limited, court-ordered evaluations.

We’ll help you become adept at gathering necessary and appropriate information about evaluees, and you’ll better understand the need for collateral information, particularly as it applies to juveniles.

Collaborate with Professionals in Related Fields

You’ll work on a health care team that takes a multidisciplinary approach to providing quality assessments for the court.

Our training will help you acquire expertise in consulting with attorneys, detention center staff, and family court judges. 

You’ll also gain experience communicating with members of custody staff as you coordinate evaluations.

Length of Rotation

One day per week for six months


Three to four patients

Training Site

810 East Ferry Street, Buffalo, NY 14211

Faculty and Staff

You’ll work with:

  • faculty member specializing in child and adolescent psychiatry
  • family court judges
  • detention center staff
  • attorneys