Medical and Research Education

Research projects in the area of medical and research education may be eligible for the following funding opportunities.

Due Date Sponsor/Award Description Amount



Burroughs Welcome Fund

Career Awards for Medical Scientists

This program facilitates transition from a mentored position to independence for the early career physician scientist, supporting biomedical, disease-oriented, or translational research. Eligible candidates hold MD, DDS, DVM, or DO degrees; are no more than 12 years beyond receipt of their most recently earned clinical doctorate degree; and must be at the rank of fellow, resident, or postdoctoral researcher with at least two years of postdoctoral research at time of application. Ideal candidates will be first author on at least one publication, and will have a significant publication record. $700,000 over five years


Educational Grant

Bayer HealthCare will accept grant requests on medical and healthcare related educational activities. Considers factors including: Promotes excellence in patient care, Conducive to an effective and efficient meeting format, Ability to educate the broadest healthcare professional and/or audience at reasonable cost. Not specified
Not specified Ethicon Ethicon provides education grants to support third-party medical education programs for U.S.-Based Health Care Professionals and Entities (HCPEs), this includes accredited and non-accredited programs, that relate to disease states, conditions, and treatments relevant to company interests. Grants may be monetary, product in kind, or both. Each request is individually evaluated for compliance with education grant criteria, available budget and mission. Academic medical centers, hospitals, medical societies/professional associations, governmental agencies, and patient advocacy groups are eligible to apply. Education Grant Reference Guide
Not specified Bristol-Meyers Squibb Independent Medical Education To advance excellence in global healthcare through expertise in medical education and strategic support of evidence-based educational activities in Bristol-Myers Squibb disease areas of focus that measure improvements in professional competence, performance, and patient outcomes. Accepts applications from organizations with a health-related public mission and/or patient focus, hospitals or other similar healthcare facilities, community health centers, medical or other professional societies.

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Not specified


Independent Medical Education

IME supports two types of grants, including: Spontaneous Submissions *Professional continuing medical education, which may or may not integrate patient education, that is high-quality, unbiased, evidence-based, and independently developed. *Independent scientific and career development awards administered by national level professional medical associations and organizations. Periodically, Astellas posts Calls for Grant Applications. Click here to view current available Call for Grants. Astellas is currently accepting applications in the following therapeutic areas: 

Cardiology – Medical Imaging. Infectious Disease – Fungal. Menopause – VMS. Oncology – AML and Prostate Cancer. Urology – Over Active Bladder.

Not specified
Submit at least 12-16 weeks in advance of request for notification date

Sanofi US

Educational Grants

Sanofi US is committed to funding high quality educational activities and materials in the therapeutic areas of interest to the company that have the potential to improve patient care and health outcomes. The purpose of an educational grant is to support an activity that encourages an educational interchange with respect to available scientific and medical information. Educational activities may or may not be accredited. Grants may be given for live educational activities, as well as educational publications and other types of enduring materials (e.g. interactive web, CD rom, audio tapes, etc.) provided that the activities or materials are advertised and open to a broad audience beyond members of the requesting institution. Fellowships or career development awards may be considered in limited circumstances. Not specified
Not specified


Independent Medical Education

As part of Amgen's mission to further the advancement of medicine and healthcare, Amgen supports IME, which is a professional education given by accredited medical education providers who design and implement programs totally independent of any Amgen influence, as defined by standards such as the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education ("ACCME") guidelines, the FDA's Guidance: Industry Supported Scientific and Educational Activities, and the PhRMA Code. Funding requests including for live presentations, written enduring materials, online courses, and conference symposia from organizations (e.g. hospitals, universities, societies, medical-education vendors) will be reviewed and assessed in conjunction with Amgen's goal to help physicians and other healthcare professionals to obtain information and insights that contribute to the improvement of patient care and the advancement of medicine.

Continuous funding


Not specified


Education Grants


Supports educational programs such as continuing medical education (CME) events hosted by accredited providers, non-CME events that do not permit “off-label” discussion of DePuy Synthes Companies products, tuition/travel grants for physicians in training (Fellows and residents), grand rounds and journal clubs. Each request is individually evaluated for compliance with education grant criteria, available budget and alignment with the Company’s mission. Education grants are not contingent upon the use, purchase, or recommendation of DePuy Synthes Companies products. For a comprehensive review of the education grant request process, please review the Education Grant Reference Guide Education grants support third-party medical education programs for U.S.-Based Health Care Professionals and Entities (HCPEs), including accredited and unaccredited programs, that relate to disease states, conditions, and treatments relevant to Company’s interests. Application