Curriculum by Year

Our curriculum, schedule and training sites ensure that you will feel confident caring for patients in any setting.

Build Different Skills Each Year

In your first three years of our residency, you’ll develop skills that create a solid foundation for a career in urology. We’ll help you focus on working toward becoming an independent practitioner during your two final years of training.

  • PGY-1
    In your crucial first year, we’ll provide you with direct, supportive supervision throughout your clinical training.
  • PGY-2
    During your second year, you’ll build on the skills you developed during your first year of training. You’ll also gain opportunities to supervise and guide medical students.
  • PGY-3
    Your third year is the time to work toward increased competence and authority.
  • PGY-4
    Current residents say our fourth-year curriculum helps them master increasingly sophisticated and complex procedures.
  • PGY-5
    In your last year as a trainee in our program, reinforce your leadership skills when you step into the role of a more independent practitioner.