Conferences and Didactics

A trainee speaks at a conference.

Presenting at conferences can give you experience speaking before faculty members, other trainees, community-based urologists and visiting guests.

Our didactic curriculum enhances your training with specialized coverage of key areas — including surgical skills and basic science — while helping you keep abreast of new research.

  • Grand Rounds Conference
    Our grand rounds sessions address current urologic therapies, treatments and technologies, and they expose you to recent advances in urology and related specialties.
  • Morbidity and Mortality Conference
    Discuss adverse outcomes and learn from them at our morbidity and mortality conference.
  • Tumor Board Conference
    Learn about comprehensive, collaborative approaches to cancer care — and gain exposure to especially difficult cases — during tumor board meetings.
  • Journal Club
    Our journal club sharpens your critical thinking skills and gives you opportunities to exchange knowledge with colleagues and faculty members.
  • Radiology Review Conference
    We aim to increase your familiarity with the essential skill of reading and interpreting radiology reports.
  • Research Conference
    Research is a vital part of your training, and this conference enables you to present and discuss your materials, ideas and work.
  • Basic Science Conference
    Our basic science conferences are valuable learning opportunities because they’ll impel you to reconsider the many ways basic science topics integrate into clinical experiences.
  • Surgical Skills Conference
    Our surgical skills conference is a supplement to your hands-on surgical training.