Grand Rounds Conference

Our grand rounds sessions address current urologic therapies, treatments and technologies, and they expose you to recent advances in urology and related specialties.

Why do we require you to attend our grand rounds conferences? Because we’ve found that when you incorporate learned-content from grand rounds into your clinical practice, you’ll improve your delivery of evidence-based care.

By asking questions and providing input during grand rounds throughout all five years of training, you will advance your thinking and widen your perspective of adult and pediatric urology. 

Our grand rounds sessions provide a forum for case presentations and discussions of updated practice guidelines, systematic reviews, clinical trials and practice recommendations. 

Multiple disciplines are represented at grand rounds, so you’ll gain exposure to fields such as radiation oncology, diagnostic imaging and medical oncology.

Our faculty and visiting presenters will deliver lectures covering a multitude of urologic topics and areas. As a resident, you will also have plenty of opportunities to present.

Presenting at these conferences will give you experience speaking in front of an audience of our faculty members, your fellow residents, medical students, community-based urologists and invited visiting professors from other specialties. 

In addition, as part of our grand rounds program, we hold a a monthly morbidity and mortality conference.


Pediatric grand rounds and surgical skills grand rounds alternate on the third Thursday every month.