Morbidity and Mortality Conference

Discuss adverse outcomes and learn from them at our morbidity and mortality conference.

Our morbidity and mortality meetings — part of our grand rounds program — enable you to explore the management details of particular cases where undesired outcomes occurred, including deaths and complications. The cases you’ll see are provided from urology services at all of our clinical training sites.

These conferences are a key component of your training because they help you:

  • identify suboptimal outcomes associated with medical error
  • see how to modify behavior and judgment based on previous experiences
  • prevent the repetition of errors leading to complications

You’ll be required to attend all morbidity and mortality conferences, as these meetings have the potential to improve patient outcomes and transform your attitude toward patient safety. They will help you better understand, achieve and maintain high standards of care.

Our program cultivates a culture of respect; our morbidity and mortality conferences are not punitive. Instead, they are a supportive forum for professional growth.

Our residents present each case. Starting in your second year of training, we’ll expect you to present at our morbidity and mortality conference.

During your final year of training, this conference will increase your leadership experience. Our program director chooses the cases to be presented each month, and as a chief resident, you’ll assign the cases for other residents to present. If consultants from fields such as pathology, radiology, radiation oncology and medical oncology are required, you’ll be responsible for making those arrangements.