Radiology Review Conference

We aim to increase your familiarity with the essential skill of reading and interpreting radiology reports.

Only our second-year residents attend our radiology review conference. 

This conference will introduce you to routine and systematic approaches to reading radiology studies. Guided by a seasoned radiologist, you’ll lean how to interpret films and reports for urology patients, and you’ll discuss differential diagnoses of common disease processes as seen on radiographic imaging.

Effectively interpreting medical images is an integral part of the diagnostic process, so our radiology conference will instruct you on:

  • arriving at diagnoses by following a pattern recognition approach
  • identifying important findings and abnormalities, as well as dismissing normal variants
  • recognizing radiographic errors
  • using medical imaging studies for confirmation of clinical impressions

By the time you finish your second year of training, you should have a more in-depth understanding of the complex and challenging processes radiologists undertake when interpreting imaging studies. You should also feel well acquainted with methods for evaluating these studies.

Further, our radiology review conference will help you learn to identify a range of common and uncommon conditions based on imaging findings.