Basic Science Conference

Our basic science conferences are valuable learning opportunities because they’ll impel you to reconsider the many ways basic science topics integrate into clinical experiences.

Why review basic science during your residency? Because refreshing your basic science knowledge will further your understanding of essential scientific concepts and help you develop critical thinking skills, which will improve your clinical performance.

Faculty mentors moderate our basic science conference, ensuring that you strengthen your grasp of the basic science behind a broad expanse of urologic conditions and their treatments. Mentors will work with chief residents on the basic science discussions for the month.

A faculty member is assigned to our basic science conference each month, and one area of urology will emphasized for the entire month.

Our meetings provide you with comprehensive, current reviews of topics including:

  • cystectomy conduits
  • fertility preservation and male factor infertility
  • genitourinary specimen processing and basic histology
  • interventional radiology techniques in urology
  • medical and surgical management of infertility
  • overactive bladder and nonsurgical management
  • physiology, evaluation, medical management of infertility
  • preconceived notions about cancer
  • prostate cancer screening and early detection
  • robotic radical prostatectomy
  • small renal masses: active surveillance and biopsy
  • superficial bladder cancer and intravesical treatment
  • treatment of metastatic renal cell carcinoma
  • urinary incontinence and nonsurgical management

Possessing strong knowledge of basic science is a significant part of being a competent surgeon, and the basic science domain constitutes a substantial portion of our annual in-service examination. Therefore, we feel it’s especially important to incorporate in-depth basic science exposure into your training.

As a resident, you’ll present at our basic science conferences starting in your second year. Typically, guest speakers from other departments and programs also present.