Research Conference

Research is a vital part of your training, and this conference enables you to present and discuss your materials, ideas and work.

Our research conference incorporates a series of didactic lectures on clinical research. We’ll take you through the step-wise process of starting and following through with projects. We’ll also provide the instruction you need to analyze data and write manuscripts. 

Didactic sessions will familiarize you with the many facets involved in conducting research, including:

  • literature review
  • critical appraisal
  • research question and study design
  • protocol writing
  • overview of clinical trials
  • ethics
  • grant submissions
  • report, abstract and manuscript writing
  • publication
  • cost effectiveness studies

Each meeting will give you opportunities to discuss with peers your current research interests and your ideas for projects and abstracts. 

Additionally, Matthew Brennan, DO, research director, will attend conferences. Our faculty members have in-depth experience with research and will review your current projects and abstracts, helping you enhance the quality of your work and ensuring that you are progressing at a steady pace.

Starting in your first year of training, we’ll expect you to have ideas for research and to be involved in some research projects. Throughout residency these meetings prepare you to defend your research and recognize potential challenges of your research process.

To help prepare you for your Boards, we have mock oral boards on a quarterly basis.

Because we understand the value of a research component during residency training, we’ll require you to attend all sessions of our research conference.