Journal Club

Our journal club sharpens your critical thinking skills and gives you opportunities to exchange knowledge with colleagues and faculty members.

We know how important it is to stay familiar with the latest urological literature. That’s why our journal club meetings focus on specific urology domains each month. 

Prior to each meeting, we’ll assign you journal articles to review, and we’ll ask you to interpret them and present your interpretation during a conference.

A faculty member is assigned to our journal club each month, and one area of urology will emphasized for the entire month.

To ensure you stay current in the field of urology and strengthen your analytical skills, it’s crucial that you:

  • attend all journal club conferences
  • read all journal articles distributed to you
  • engage with the presenter and ask questions

You’ll increase your understanding of urological research as you discuss the strong and weak points of papers and consider how findings will affect your clinical practice.

You can expect to have thought-provoking discussions about articles with knowledgeable faculty members who will help you hone your critical evaluation abilities.

During your fifth year of training, this conference will add to your leadership experience. As a chief resident, you’ll take charge of running each conference and distributing articles to participants. This responsibility is rotated among all fifth-year residents throughout the year. Also, we’ll expect you to serve as a role model for medical students attending the conference.

We foster a warm, friendly learning atmosphere; we provide dinner at each meeting.