Oishei Children’s Hospital

This hospital is the regional center for comprehensive and state-of-the-art pediatric, neonatal, perinatal and obstetrical services in Western New York and beyond.

Oishei Children's Hospital.

Oishei Children’s Hospital has achieved national recognition, with U.S. News and World Report ranking it among the top 20 pediatric hospitals in the country.

This modern pediatric acute and emergency care center provides diagnostic and treatment services to Western New York youth experiencing emotional and/or behavioral disturbances or family relationship problems. It offers a full range of medical and surgical services for children as well as comprehensive women’s health services.

A Level I Pediatric Trauma Center - one of only six in New York State - Oishei can accommodate 185 inpatients, including medical/surgical, ICU and neonatal patients, and adult maternity patients. The hospital admits nearly 28,000 patients annually and treats 123,000 patients in the emergency department or one of its 45 specialty clinics.


Oishei Children’s Hospital is the only hospital in Western New York providing pediatric urologic services. Therefore, your training at this site enables you to obtain invaluable, comprehensive training in important areas and techniques of pediatric urology and related disciplines.

Our faculty members at this training site are leaders in patient-centered pediatric urologic care. Rotating with them at Oishei Children’s Hospital will familiarize you with all pediatric urologic domains, including:

  • rehabilitation medicine
  • trauma
  • nephrology
  • endocrinology
  • reconstructive urology
  • oncology
  • congenital abnormalities
  • disorders of sexual development
  • urolithiasis

As with all of our training sites, rotations at Oishei Children’s Hospital will strengthen your interpersonal communication and improve your understanding of systems-based practice.

Further, you can expect to gain experience in private office settings during this rotation, giving you key insights into the multifaceted workings of independent pediatric urology practice.


As a third-year resident, you’ll spend four months at Oishei Children’s Hospital. With guidance from our faculty attending physicians and senior residents, you’ll be responsible for the management of all pediatric urology patients.

This training site will equip you to respond to consultation requests from other services and from the emergency room. You can also expect to attend clinics and improve the skills you’ll need to manage pediatric patients in an outpatient setting.

Practice-based learning is key in our program. You’ll learn from our faculty pediatric urologists who will conduct imaging conferences and daily teaching rounds, ensuring you receive comprehensive training.

In your third year, you can look forward to expanding your knowledge of open surgical and endoscopic procedures, as we’ll make sure you participate in these procedures.

Since Oishei Children’s Hospital is a regional pediatric referral center, you’ll gain exposure to a broad-spectrum of cases, and you’ll benefit from opportunities to interact with related pediatric specialists — including nephrologists, orthopedists, neurologists and endocrinologists.


During your fourth year, this site is where you’ll undertake advanced training in pediatric urology.

This training site gives you extensive experience managing a broad-spectrum of pediatric urologic problems. In addition, working alongside pediatric endocrinologists, nephrologists, neurologists and surgeons will provide you with insight into the relationships between pediatric urology and related disciplines.

You’ll be involved in all pediatric urologic open and endoscopic procedures. Working with third-year trainees, you’ll reinforce your knowledge of inpatient care, outpatient care and emergency room consultations.

Patient Population

  • pediatric inpatients and outpatients of all ages
  • maternity and high-risk maternity patients
  • 1,000 critically ill full-term or premature newborns per year
  • patients drawn from throughout Upstate New York

Rotation Duration by Program Year

  • PGY-3: 4 months
  • PGY-4: 4 months