Christopher S. Cohan, PhD.

Christopher S. Cohan, PhD, speaks upon receiving the 2018 Siegel Award for excellence in teaching in the preclinical program. It marks the seventh time Cohan has won a Siegel Award or honorable mention.

Outstanding Teachers Honored With Siegel Awards

Published April 17, 2018 This content is archived.

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Eleven medical school teachers, three residents and four medical students received 2018 Louis A. and Ruth Siegel Awards or honorable mentions for excellence in teaching.

“He is the paragon in the field of teaching in academia. ”
Student comment about award winner Christopher S.Cohan, PhD

The annual awards are the foremost means for University at Buffalo medical students to honor their professors, instructors and teaching assistants.

This year’s awardees are from nine departments: biochemistryfamily medicine, medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, pathology and anatomical sciences, pediatricsphysiology and biophysics, psychiatry and surgery.

Honorees are listed below, along with nominators’ comments read at the awards ceremony.

Award Winners

Teaching in the Preclinical Program

“He has been one of the most influential professors in my medical school career,” said one student nominator.

Many student nominations commented on his “invaluable organization of the neurology module, outward passion and love for the material and priority in making meaningful connections with all of his students.”

One student simply stated: “he is the paragon in the field of teaching in academia.”

Teaching in the Clinical Program

Archana Mishra, MD.

Student nominators said Mishra has demonstrated commitment; not only developing meaningful relationships with patients, but also to propelling students to being outstanding physicians.

Students said she has made a “profound lifelong commitment to medical humanity and medical ethics” and “provides guidance to students, residents and fellows that goes beyond normal duties.”

They said Mishra “stands out to go the extra mile to understand her patients and their stories in order to provide the best individual treatment plans for them, but more importantly for her students, she reminds them every day why they chose to pursue medicine.”

Volunteer Teaching

Arthur Weissman, MD.

A nominating student said Weissman is very knowledgeable in many areas of medicine and is eager to spend a lot of time discussing clinical aspects of patient cases.

The student saw many cases in which patients with severe addiction were able to begin to function more effectively and derive pleasure from that.

“He was the attending who most supported my development as a physician,” the student added.

Resident Teaching

Kristina Warner, MD.

Warner is known for her dedication to helping educate OB/GYN clerkship students.

One nominator said Warner was “one of the best teaching residents I have encountered throughout medical school.”

Students said she “emphasizes perfection in early preventative cases and incorporates student input on clinical management.”

Special Recognition

Julian Buchinger.
  • Julian P. Buchinger, fourth-year medical student

Students said “he wasn’t quick to give us answers to our questions, he made us think about anatomy in a thoughtful and reflective way.”

“He is the future of continued excellence in teaching,” said another student.

Buchinger was described as “an amazing and charismatic leader and teacher.”

And one nominator went so far as to say: “If he ever runs for President of the United States, I would vote for him.”

Honorable Mention

The following honorable mention recipients also were recognized at the ceremony:

Teaching in the Preclinical Program

Teaching in the Clinical Program

Volunteer Teaching

Resident Teaching

Special Recognition

  • Joel Braverman, third-year medical student
  • Scott Ketcham, fourth-year medical student
  • Andrew Knapp, third-year medical student

About the Siegel Awards

Louis A. Siegel received his medical degree from UB in 1923 and served as an assistant professor of obstetrics-gynecology for 21 years. He was a dedicated clinical teacher who inspired both medical students and house officers with enthusiasm and the spirit of inquiry.

Considerations for the Siegel Awards include nominees’ instructional skill, ability to stimulate thinking and develop understanding in students, demonstration of sensitivity toward the human condition and ability to serve as a role model for students.

A student committee comprised of representatives from each medical class reviews nominations from students and selects awardees.

Alan J. Lesse, MD, senior associate dean for medical curriculum, and Frank T. Schimpfhauser, PhD, associate dean for curriculum, gave opening remarks at the ceremony conducted April 3 in the second-floor atrium of the new Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences building.