Certificate FAQs

I recently got married and would like my certificate to reflect my married name. What is this procedure to change my name?

In order to change your name, you must submit the following documentation to the GME Human Resources department:

  • Copy of your marriage certificate
  • Copy of another form of identification that lists the new last name (i.e. driver’s license, Social Security card, passport)

These documents must be submitted prior to your graduation date. We cannot reissue a certificate with a new name once you have graduated. The name on the certificate must reflect the legal name on record during residency/fellowship.

I legally changed my last name during residency, but would like my certificate to reflect my maiden name. Is this possible?

Your certificate must reflect your legal name on record during training. If your last name has legally changed due to marriage and has been updated with our office, the certificate will reflect the new last name.

I have a MBBS degree (or other medical degree from a foreign medical school). Can the degree on my certificate be listed as MD?

We must use the title that is listed on your medical school diploma. However, the New York State Board of Regents may confer the MD degree to individuals who meet specific requirements, as listed on the State Education Department website.

If you have received this conferral, you may use MD after your name in place of the title you earned at medical school graduation. This MD conferral must be approved prior to your residency/fellowship graduation date. We cannot re-issue certificates if the MD conferral is issued after your graduation date per the New York State Education Department. It is highly suggested that you apply for the MD conferral as early as possible prior to graduation. 

I have an additional degree such as a PhD, MPH, MS, etc. Can this degree also be reflected on my certificate?

Yes, prior to graduation, submit a copy of the degree diploma to the GME Human Resources department. We will update our records to reflect your additional degree for your certificate.