Program Administrator Job Description

Position Title: Residency/Fellowship Training Program Administrator

Reports to: Residency/Fellowship Program Director

Revised Date: April 2014

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in relevant field or 3-5 years equivalent office administration and/or management experience in an academic or healthcare setting.

Position Overview: The Residency/Fellowship Training Program Administrator manages the day-to-day operations of the training program in collaboration with the program director, and is an essential member of the training program team. The training program administrator often serves as a liaison between the training program and the Office of Graduate Medical Education.

Competencies: The following competencies are critical to a Training Program Administrator’s successful job performance:

Training Program Management, which includes the ability to appropriately and effectively manage accreditation issues, to promote the educational mission of the program, and foster the stability of the program;

Must demonstrate: 

  • Knowledge and/or understanding of Graduate Medical Education 
  • Superior organizational skills 
  • Ability to learn and thrive in a complex environment 
  • Ability to prioritize

Interpersonal and Communication Skills that result in effective information exchange between and among all members of the team;

Must demonstrate:

  • Excellent verbal, written, and digital communication skills 
  • Collaborative spirit 

Professionalism as manifested through a commitment to carrying out professional responsibilities and an adherence to ethical principles.

Must demonstrate: 

  • Compassion, integrity, and respect for others 
  • Responsiveness to program needs that supersedes self-interest 
  • Respect and confidentiality of residents’ shared personal issues and evaluations 
  • Accountability to the program, institution, society and the profession 
  • Sensitivity and responsiveness to a diverse resident population, including but not limited to diversity in gender, age, culture, race, religion, disabilities, and sexual orientation.

Quality Improvement that involves self-evaluation and demonstration of a commitment to improve performance;

Must demonstrate: 

  • Effective problem-solving and analytical skills 
  • Ability to work independently 
  • Ability to participate and contribute as a vital member of the team

Systems Management as manifested by actions that demonstrate an awareness of the larger context of Graduate Medical Education/healthcare systems and the ability to effectively access system resources to provide fundamental knowledge to the training program team and facilitate timely and accurate dissemination of information;

Must demonstrate: 

  • Integration and knowledge of multiple systems 
  • Expertise and attention to detail in all electronic systems utilized by the program

Job Duties

To effectively:

  • Manage the operations of the office; 
  • Gather, maintain, analyze and report data to support accreditation requirements and demonstrate program compliance; 
  • Manage personnel matters associated with residents/fellows;
  • Manage the recruitment process for all candidates/applicants in support of and in collaboration with program director;
  • Contribute where necessary to ensure the smooth operation of the training program.