Fellowship in Social Justice, Equity Administration and Leadership

About the Fellowship

The Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences seeks medical students or biomedical sciences graduate students to work on projects that address social, educational or health care inequities.

This fellowship provides an opportunity to develop leadership skills to advance equity and justice in institutional settings and community-based organizations, and advance the Jacobs School’s mission to create a supportive learning environment.

Fellows will develop a project in concert with a mentor in the Jacobs School, an administrative unit or an affiliated institution.

Fellows will work on the research and design, implementation or analysis of a project related to equity and justice. Projects provide experience in creating institutional change, such as policy development or process improvement, and working in interprofessional clinical or administrative teams.

Fellows will meet with mentors who will assist in developing a work plan and monitor progress.

Fellows devote 120 hours, working with a project team, to identify factors that contribute to success in advancing social equity and justice in institutions.

Projects are expected to be completed in a period of 12 months, from the appointment date of June 1, 2023.

A public presentation during the month of April, will be taking place to engage and inform our Jacobs School Community of the status and findings of each project. 

Timeline of the Fellowship

  • 2023 Social Justice Fellows Research Symposium: April 2024
  • 2024 Projects Proposals Submission Deadline: May 2024
  • Committee Review of Proposals: 3rd week of May 2024
  • Awards Announcements: 4th week of May 2024
  • Fellowship Start Date: June 1, 2024  
  • Fellowship End Date: June 2, 2025


Medical, master’s and doctoral graduate students training under a faculty member with a primary appointment in the Jacobs School are eligible to apply.


$3,500 per project and funding for fellowship-related supplies and travel to present at local or a national meeting.

Award Selection and Announcement

Applications will be reviewed and selected each year by a taskforce selected by Diversity, Inclusion, and Learning Environment Committee.


For questions about this fellowship, please contact smbs-inclusion@buffalo.edu.

Application Submission

Applications for 2023 are now closed.

2023 Recipients

Maria Urbina Castillo, MD'26 and Fernando Bomfim, MD'26.

Maria Urbina Castillo, MD ’26 and Fernando Bomfim, MD ’26  

“Unidos por la Salud: A Pathway to Improving Latino Health in Buffalo”

Alyssa Reese, MD’24.

Alyssa Reese, MD ’24

“Integrating Community Resource Utilization to Decrease Length of Administratively Necessary Hospital Stays of Pediatric Psychiatric Patients”

Salma Attai, MD ’24.

Salma Attai, MD ’24

“Health Literacy Amongst WNY Refugees and Immigrants”

Patrick Crossen, MD ’26 and Perya Bhagchandani, MD ’26.

Patrick Crossen, MD ’26 and Perya Bhagchandani, MD ’26

“Application of Race-Based GFR Among Emergency Physicians”

I’Yanna Scott, MD ’24.

I’Yanna Scott, MD ’24

“Identifying Barriers to Bystander CPR Training and Use Among Communities of Color in Buffalo, New York”

Amanda Bahgat, MD ’25, Danielle Falkenstein, MD ’25, Andrea Alfonsi, MD ’24 and Ascharya Balaji, MD ’25.

Amanda Bahgat, MD ’25; Danielle Falkenstein, MD ’25; Andrea Alfonsi, MD ’24 and Ascharya Balaji, MD ’25

“Exploring and Addressing the Gaps in Medical Education Regarding Indigenous Healthcare”

Moriah Martindale, MD '26.

Moriah Martindale, MD ’26

“Barriers to Utilization of Campus Support Services faced by Underrepresented Minorities in Medicine”

Malaika de Weever, MD ’25 and Mackenzie Cronin, MD ’25.

Malaika de Weever, MD ’25 and Mackenzie Cronin, MD ’25

“Understanding Socioeconomic Barriers to Colorectal Cancer Screening in African American Communities in Order to Develop Effective Screening Initiatives Grounded in Restoring Health Equity”

In Collaboration

Maeanna Merrill, MD’26 and Clayton Shanahan, MD’25.

Maeanna Merrill, MD ’26 and Clayton Shanahan, MD ’25

“LGBTQ+ Healthcare in Buffalo, NY: Climate and Paths to Equity”

Juliana Greene, MD '26, Elisha Earley, MD '26 and Madison Clague, MD '26.

Juliana Greene, MD '26, Elisha Earley, MD '26 and Madison Clague, MD '26  

“Connecting Communities: MedEd and LGBTQIA+ Advocacy”

Afreen Siddiqui, MD '23.

Afreen Siddiqui, MD ’23

“Physician and Physician-Trainee Attitudes Toward Providing Health Care for the Incarcerated: A Qualitative Analysis”

Adetayo Oladele-Ajose, MD '23.

Adetayo Oladele-Ajose, MD ’23

“Impostor Syndrome and the Illusion of Performance”

Nat Voos, MD '23.

Nat Voos, MD ’23

“Creating a Learning Environment Conducive for Members of the LGBTQ+ Community (Part 2)”

Olatoyosi Olafuyi, MD '23.

Olatoyosi Olafuyi, MD ’23

“Application of Race-Based GFR Among Emergency Physicians”

Daniel Popoola, MD '23.

Daniel Popoola, MD ’23

“Mapping-Out Socio-Economic Mitigators of Healthcare Access Inequality in Buffalo, NY Using Emergency Acute Ischemic Stroke Care as a Case Study”

Olumayowa Adebiyi, MD ’24, Abena Ansah-Yeboah, MD ’24, Mario Carrillo, MD ’24.

Abena Ansah-Yeboah, MD'24, Mario Carrillo, MD'24, Olumayowa Adebiyi, MD'24.

“Voices of the Fruit Belt Community: Amplifying and Empowering Our Neighbors”

Tatiana Amaye-Obu.

Tatiana Amaye-Obu

“Examining Curriculum That Aims to Develop Change Agency and Critical Consciousness in Medical Students”

Jinx Lioi Portrait.

Jinx Lioi

“Creating a Learning Environment Conducive for Members of the LGBTQ+ Community (Part 1)”

Trinithas Boyi Portrait.

Trinithas Boyi

“Vaccine Equity: A Campaign to Increase Vaccine Access Within Communities of Color”

Ellen Lutnick Portrait.

Ellen Lutnick

“Non-Elective TURP - To Better Understand the Gaps in Care Related to Racial Disparity in the Diagnosis and Treatment of BPH, and Develop a Screening Process to Better Address These Gaps in a Non-White Population”

Hijab Khan and Brie Jackson portrait.

Hijab Khan and Brie Jackson

“Pre-Matriculation Curriculum on History of Racism: Implement and Evaluate Pilot Curriculum, Including Filing Reports Required by IRB”