Jennifer Seth-Cimini receives the 2016 Award of Excellence.

Jennifer Seth-Cimini (center) receives the 2016 Award of Excellence.

We recognize individuals who ensure that our school community represents a strong, evolving model of diversity and inclusion.

  • 6/7/21
    This honorary award acknowledges individuals whose actions, example and efforts contribute to a diverse, respectful environment at the university and in the Western New York community.
  • 3/15/21
    This fellowship is offered to medical students whose individual life experiences and perspectives will enhance inclusion in our community.
  • 9/15/21
    This fellowship provides an opportunity to develop leadership skills to advance equity and justice in institutional settings and community-based organizations and advance the Jacobs School’s mission to create a supportive learning environment.
  • 6/8/21
    Joseph Robert Love, MD, the first African American graduate with a medical degree from the University at Buffalo, was a teacher, a physician, a priest, a politician and an activist. Love devoted his life to achieving social justice, diversity, equality and fairness in health care practices.